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Contaminated Soils Clean-up

Soils contaminated with industrial chemicals, fuels, or metals will require special efforts to eliminate or reduce hazardous substances. The selection of a method or remediation will depend in part on the type of soils, extent of contamination and depth of contamination, the time allowed for remediation, the budget and of course local permitting regulations.

If the critical factor influencing your selection of a remediation method is your desire to immediately restore the property to use, we may use a solution involving various forms of incineration or landfill. Sometimes land filling may first require stabilization of the waste to prevent any leaching into the water table.

However, if a reasonable amount of time for remediation is available, perhaps another method of removing contamination such as vapor extraction or bioremediation will be practical. With current improved techniques and availability or tested microbes, bioremediation procedures have proven to be practical and timely to employ in many sites.