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Facility Decontamination

Facility and plant decontamination is accomplished through vacuuming, pumping, vacuum blasting, steam cleaning and pressure washing clarifiers, pits and tanks or flat surfaces to remove chemicals, metal or paint wastes, and sludge. Removing waste oils, solvents, bacterial contamination, and even graffiti can alleviate burdens on your operation, satisfy environmental regulations and minimize future expenditures.

Chemical and by-product wastes occur at manufacturing plants, plating shops, refineries, utilities and anywhere production manufacturing or processing is occurring.

Boiler plants and cooling towers often go through refurbishment or replacement maintenance programs. We can assist in the decontamination phase facilitating the upgrade of your plant.

Sometimes a periodic assessment and clean-up are needed, perhaps a service agreement schedule. Other times contamination has occurred over time and a thorough audit will be needed to assess the extent and implement efficient methods like bulking wastes, recycling, fuel blending, incineration, and stabilization and land filling as best suits your needs.