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Mold Remediation

In the last several years mycotoxin poisoning, and the damage to building materials caused by the reproduction of mycotoxin, i.e.; mold has become prevalent in the environmental and legal arenas. As no safe exposure standards presently exist, affected parties are relying on past case law and environmental specialists to set the standard for what is a safe or unsafe environment in which to habituate.

AIR Inc. has been at the forefront of mold investigation and conducted extensive research in regards to its growth, affects on the human body and effective methods of remediation.

Unlike asbestos or lead containing building materials where once the materials are removed the hazard no longer exists, after removing mold affected building materials, the potential for mold to reappear solely depends on a new source of moisture. This has caused an exorbitant amount of legal claims to be filed within the court system. AIR Inc. has attended regular legal seminars regarding mold standard regulation and past case law. These seminars were hosted and narrated by the same environmental attorneys that litigated the Erin Brockovich case.